Pentagon UFO report says most sightings ‘ordinary objects’ and phenomena

The Pentagon, which is a big government building in the United States, wrote a report about UFOs, which are flying objects that people can’t identify. The report says that since World War Two, the government has been looking into these UFO sightings. But they didn’t find any proof that aliens or alien technology exists. Instead, […]

Microsoft warns Russian hackers still trying to break into its systems

Microsoft said some hackers from Russia are trying again to break into its computer systems. They used information stolen from emails in January to try to get into Microsoft’s systems. Microsoft is a big company that makes software used by many people, including the U.S. government. Some people are worried about the safety of Microsoft’s […]

Haitian PM tenders resignation after Jamaica talks

Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, has announced that he will be leaving his position soon. He has been in charge of the country since the previous president was killed in 2021. During his time as leader, Haiti has faced many challenges, including the rise of powerful gangs. These gangs have become richer and more powerful […]

Trouble at Microsoft: Hackers from Russia

So, there’s this big company called Microsoft, and some hackers from Russia have been trying to break into their computer systems. Microsoft told everyone about it in January, but now they’re saying the hackers are still trying to get in. These hackers are really smart and sneaky, and they’ve been stealing information from Microsoft’s emails, […]

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) means computers and robots can do smart things like humans do. They can think, learn, and solve problems. People have been working on AI since the 1940s, and computers have gotten really good at doing complex tasks like playing chess or finding math answers. But even though computers are smart, they’re not […]