Post: Microsoft warns Russian hackers still trying to break into its systems

Microsoft said some hackers from Russia are trying again to break into its computer systems. They used information stolen from emails in January to try to get into Microsoft’s systems. Microsoft is a big company that makes software used by many people, including the U.S. government.

Some people are worried about the safety of Microsoft’s systems because they’re used for important things, like national security. Microsoft said a group from Russia called Midnight Blizzard is behind these hacking attempts.

The Russian embassy in Washington didn’t say anything about Microsoft’s statement. Microsoft had already told everyone about the hacking attempts in January. They said the hackers tried to get into email accounts of important people in the company.

Now, Microsoft says the hackers are still trying to get into their systems using the information they got from the emails in January. This worries some people because Microsoft is such a big company, and it’s still not safe from hackers.

One person who knows about cybersecurity said it’s scary that Microsoft is still trying to stop the hackers even after two months. He said it shows how serious the hackers are.

The hackers stole some important things, like access to secret codes and systems inside Microsoft. Microsoft owns GitHub, a website where people share their computer code. The hackers might try to use this information to break into other places and put bad things in the software.

Microsoft said the hackers used a trick called a “password spray” to get into the email accounts. This means they tried the same password on many accounts until they found one that worked. They did this a lot more in their latest attempts compared to January.

Some cybersecurity experts said they’re worried because if the hackers are still inside Microsoft after two months, it’s a big problem. They said the hackers are known to target governments and other important organizations.

Microsoft said they’re trying to help customers who might be affected by the hacking attempts. They’re telling them what to do to stay safe.

In my opinion, it’s scary to hear that hackers are still trying to get into big companies like Microsoft. It shows how important it is for companies to be careful with their security. I hope Microsoft can stop the hackers and make sure their systems are safe for everyone to use.