Post: Haitian PM tenders resignation after Jamaica talks

Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, has announced that he will be leaving his position soon. He has been in charge of the country since the previous president was killed in 2021. During his time as leader, Haiti has faced many challenges, including the rise of powerful gangs.

These gangs have become richer and more powerful under Ariel Henry’s leadership. In late February, he went to Kenya to ask for help from the United Nations to stop the gangs. However, while he was away, the situation in Haiti got even worse. This left Ariel Henry stuck in Puerto Rico, a part of the United States, while other countries and leaders called for him to step down.

In a video message, Ariel Henry said that he will resign once a group called the “presidential council” is set up. This council will include representatives from different parts of Haitian society, like businesses and community groups. They will pick a new leader for Haiti until the country can have elections.

Many people in Haiti are happy that Ariel Henry is leaving. They have been protesting against him and the gangs for a long time. Videos on social media show people celebrating in the streets, playing music, and setting off fireworks.

The United States and other countries have promised to give money to help Haiti. This money will be used to stop the fighting and make life better for Haitian people. However, it might take some time for the money to arrive and make a difference.

The situation in Haiti is very dangerous because of the gangs. They have lots of guns and control many parts of the country. People have been forced to leave their homes because of the fighting. Many children have been hurt or killed, and families are scared.

Some people in Haiti are angry and want big changes. They say they want a leader who listens to them and stays in Haiti. They are tired of the fighting and want peace. One gang leader, Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier, has threatened to attack hotels where politicians are hiding. He says the next leader of Haiti should be chosen by the people and live in Haiti with their families.

The United States has promised to give $100 million to help stop the fighting in Haiti. They will also give $33 million to help people who have been hurt by the fighting. Other countries, like Mexico, have also promised to help. But it will take time for this money to make a difference.

In my opinion

it’s good that Ariel Henry is stepping down. Haiti needs a leader who can make things better and stop the fighting. I hope the new leaders can bring peace to Haiti and make it a safe place for everyone.